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Sun 17th February 2019

REACH / i2a

International Antimony Association (i2a)

Lambert Metals International Ltd is a member of the International Antimony Association (i2a), which is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. The i2a's purposes are regulatory issues, conducting studies and to disseminate information regarding the safety and benefits of Antimony and it compounds by giving access to the data to its world-wide membership. This data provides Producers, Importers and Consumers full knowledge as to the effects of Antimony and it compounds on the environment and to provide information on the various health and safety regulations. The i2a also provides the relevant scientific information to Government Agencies. The members of i2a will ensure the protection of production and applications of Antimony and its compounds in the market place with the Association giving proper responses to all government agencies. The i2a will continue with the development and distribution of reliable data. The i2a have produced full dossiers to assist its REACH membership in achieving full registration with the requirements of the European REACH regulations. Lambert Metals International Ltd is a REACH member of the i2a.

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